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We recently completed our capstone project for Fullstack Academy. As I’ve mentioned in another post, my group created a media server app that streams movies on the local area network (a Plex clone). From this endeavor, we experienced how to work in an Agile environment, and used GitHub projects to facilitate our workflow.

The video below describes what our app looks like. MyFlix was created using Electron and React, and is deployed as installers for Windows, Linux, and MacOS which are all available for download in this site.

Special thanks to my groupmates, Matt Stirnweiss, Matt Bestard, and Blake Zeiger. Blake was our main man who introduced us all to Electron. He also figured out the problem of scanning for all ip’s on a local area network. Matt S. was instrumental in figuring out the database (NeDB) and file access. Matt B. and I worked on the front end mainly. My major contribution was the player component of the app. I talked about my experience in this post.